Gluten Free Pizza

Here at Barro’s Pizza, we personally understand the struggles that go along with living a gluten-free lifestyle, whether it’s from Celiac disease or other dietary reasons. When one of our very own Barro’s Pizza family members was diagnosed with gluten-intolerance, we knew we had to add the option to our menu. Being able to serve the whole family is something we pride ourselves on, and our gluten-free options let us do just that!

We would never want someone to not be able to enjoy our famous pizza because of gluten-intolerance, so we have proudly partnered with Smart Flour Foods, providing us with the highest quality of gluten-free crusts. Now almost all of our pizza combinations can be ordered gluten-free at all of our locations – but NOT free of the great taste and flavor Barro’s is known for.

To be gluten-free, Barro’s adheres to strict protocol. All gluten-free products are kept in separate areas and containers, separate baking and cutting utensils are used, and pizzas are placed on parchment paper at all times to prevent cross contamination.

Barro’s Pizza offers a 10 inch gluten-free pizza to customers for only $3 more than the regular small pizza price.

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