The Barro's Story

1913 Sarconi, Italy

Grandma Angelina Barro is born in Sarconi, Italy.

1930s Chicago, Illinois

Angelina Barro moved to Chicago, Illinois.

1961 Chicago, Illinois

The first Barro family restaurant is opened in Chicago by Angelina’s sons after they learned the secrets of the recipe behind their mother’s perfect pizza.

1968 California

Angelina moved to Southern California and opened a Barro’s location with her sons Angelo & John.

1980 Mesa, Arizona

The Barro Family moves to Arizona and opens their first location in Mesa at Alma School & Guadalupe


Barro’s Pizza now has over 30 locations Valley-wide with tens of thousands of loyal customers who can’t seem to get enough of the secret family recipe.  As Barro’s has continued to grow and expand throughout the years, the family has also been presented with many awards and accolades.  Below are many of the awards the family has received for their spectacular customer service and family friendly environment.

  • Talk of the Town
  • #1 Go-To Pizza Place in the Valley