Barro’s Pizza and Prime Time Athletics: A Touchdown Partnership



We are excited to announce that Barro’s Pizza is a proud sponsor of Prime Time Athletics! Prime Time Athletics is an NFL approved, youth flag football league that provides kids between the ages of five and fifteen with a safe, competitive sporting environment that makes them feel like they’re playing like the pros!

Prime Time Athletics was founded in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2009 and is the fastest-growing NFL approved flag football league in the United States. With multiple locations in Arizona and across the country, Prime Time is making great football accessible to kids of a variety of ages and skill levels. Flag football with Prime Time allows each kid to make a positive impact on their team while learning essential football skills. Great coaches and a fun atmosphere make Prime Time Athletics a great way to introduce a kid to the world of football.

After the game, Barro’s is the perfect place to go for team parties. We’ve got what it takes to handle a group of hungry football players—and their parents! Not only are we great for football viewing and celebrating gatherings, but we love to host group events for baseball, softball, basketball, swim, soccer, school bands and more!

We love supporting local sports teams, and we wish all of the Prime Time Athletics teams luck! Look out for Barro’s on the football field!

For more information on Prime Time Athletics please visit: