Barro’s Awards Local Student with $10,000 Tuition Check

The third annual Barro’s Pizza and Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway  has officially come to an end and we are happy to announce our 2014 winner! For the third year, family owned and operated, Barro’s Pizza is partnering with Dr Pepper to host the higher education tuition giveaway.

Adam M. entered the contest at our Signal Butte and Southern location in Mesa. Adam has his masters degree in Telecommunications Management and has school loans that he is still paying off. The $10,000 tuition check that he received from Barro’s Pizza will help him pay off his loan!


Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway


For the past two years the tuition giveaway has been widely received, more than 5,000 entries submitted last year alone. Helping residents reach their higher education and career goals without high loan debt is just one of the many ways local and family owned, Barro’s Pizza, gives back to the valley community.