What's Happening at Barro's

What's Happening at Barro's

Oct 17 | 2011

AZCentral.com- Review of Barro‘s in Mesa

Restaurant Critic and foodie, Jess Harter, reviewed one of our Mesa locations for the Arizona Republic online. He only has the best things to say about Barro‘s in his...
Mar 3 | 2010

AZCentral.com – Barro‘s Pizza, Gilbert Store Finds Success in Gluten-Free Foods

  Our Gilbert location was successful when they launched gluten-free pizza in 2010. The Arizona Republic wrote about our choice to go gluten- free and how it has benefited...
Apr 7 | 2009

Metromix Phoenix Reviews Barro‘s Pizza

Metromix Phoenix breaks down the top places for pizza by the slice in Phoenix and Barro‘s was at the top of the list! And they mentioned our delicious and...


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