Barro‘s Chicken Hot Wing Pizza was a scorching favorite at the Firehouse Cookoff Challenge

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Tim Hoffman, the manager at the Deer Valley Barro‘s location took part in the “6 Alarm Firehouse Cookoff Showdown” on Saturday, February 2nd. The cook-off challenge took place at the Sub-Zero Wolf Showroom in Scottsdale which benefited the 100 Club of Arizona. Tim was teamed up with Rodney and Josh, two firefighters from the Daisy Mountain Fire Department. The challenge required each team to create a mouth watering fiery dish, and without a doubt Tim, Rodney and Josh created a dish that knocked the judge‘s socks off.

Our Barro‘s team kicked off the challenge with their infamous Chicken Hot Wing Pizza, topped with a handful of bacon and jalapenos. It doesn‘t stop there, the pizza was then garnished with blue cheese crumbles, celery and yellow cherry tomatoes, with finishing touches of a ranch drizzle and a spot of fire sauce on the plate. Afterwards, manager Tim Hoffman stated, “We had an amazing time. I got to train the guys on how to make a Barro‘s Pizza and we all had a blast doing it.”

Even though we didn‘t win the challenge, we won the hearts of many attendees who got to try our Chicken Hot Wing pizza for the first time. We were also able to help spread awareness of the 100 Club of Arizona; a nonprofit organization who provides financial assistance to families that have suffered from the injury or death of public safety officers and firefighters. The Barro‘s team worked hard and did tremendously. We asked Tim after the event what his final thoughts were and he stated, “Now I‘m warmed up for the International Pizza Challenge in Las Vegas!!”

Fox 10 covered the event and interviewed the sizzling firemen to hear what they had to say about the cause. For more information and insights on the event watch the Fox 10 segment here:

Fox Firehouse